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Re: Check into a few facts

Posted by Mike W. on April 07, 2003 at 00:18:54

In Reply to: Re: Check into a few facts posted by Still not impressed on April 05, 2003 at 18:53:35:

I appreciate what you say, when you admit that it may, or is, the fault of the Western World, that perhaps Sadaam has the technology he has because of us, the evil Western World.) I suppose we should not bring up the fact that many of the weapons our troops have found have Russian or Cyriac writing upon them. Realizing that the former USSR was Socialistic, and not 'Imprerialistic' or 'Capitalistic.'
Socialistic thinking is opposite: it either collapses and adopts our thinking, or else completely denies its history, or attempts to disguise itself as the Peace Movement, or some other assanine philosophy. But, 'it' (Socialism) NEVER admits wrong. That's one major difference between 'us' (oops, I'm being Elitist in acknowldeding a difference in 'me' and 'them'...oh well!)and THEM. 'They' (the 'eduacated' University thinkers)switch their thinking and philosophy like Capitalists switch their underwear.