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I am very sory it happened like this for you!

Posted by Olsen on September 01, 2003 at 03:30:14

In Reply to: Re: Remember the Mo-letter 'Rape'? posted by matt on August 31, 2003 at 12:27:37:

I didnt know who you are until just now when I read the letter by mr. Berg, this article IRFERS BEWARE. If I only read wnat he wrote would I not undertsand anything but there is helpful kommentary which explain everything.I am so sorry for what unkind that was said about your wife and about you aslo.How can such a cruel leader pretend to be a profet about love. F**king Hell! I can not beleve this!!!!
I will send this information to my cousin that is in the cult to see what he have to say.I have qyestion for everyone who have left the cult, did some one convinse you to leave?i am very worried about my cousin and his children if they also can beleve in such do i help them to understand?everything theyr profet say is not true!does the cult members also read this site?this cult only cares about the rights of men but not is a crime against half of humanity!