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Gay demons and family youth

Posted by Anovagrrl on December 03, 2003 at 12:56:21

The Movingon folks have had some interesting discussions about Obtherion and his potential as a Vandari mascot. One of the Movingon participants shared this link to a PR shot of a Family group called the BVM Boys:

If this isn't homoerotic, I'm not worthy of my official GBLT membership card and complementary toaster oven. How about that text, "There is nothing covered that will not be revealed"--? If I didn't know the context of this pic, I'd think it was a coming out statement for a pop-fag band.

The video of this group shows them prancing around with hankies tied around their heads:

Yeah, they got a girl audience, but give me a break. Many of the Chippendales are gay. Sorry girls, but what passes as a little heterosexual role reversal is just another boring night on the job for about half of da boyz.

I honestly think Obtherion was conjured up in response to what's actually going on among some of the Family youth right now.