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Re: Pheobe

Posted by Ready on December 04, 2003 at 16:00:15

In Reply to: Re: Pheobe posted by exer on November 28, 2003 at 14:36:53:

I remember this distinctly because I also suffered an ectopic pregnancy. I was in the perimeter of the family at the time.
You always die from an ectopic pregnancy. It is a pregnancy in the fallopian tube. It is extremely painfull.
How the hell anyone could sit and watch someone die from this, when it is a common thing really.
I am disgusted. She had a twin brother.
Mo said in the comment about it how she was a sacrificial lover and never had an orgasm. That stuck with me. How the f**k did he know that?
I considered myself not really suppose to be alive because I went to the system hospital and had it removed. Medicos weren't sure what was wrong with me so performed an emergency laparotomy. I lost my fallopian tube of course, but proceeded to have another 4 children!
To think what that poor girl suffered, unecessarily, for the sake of policy. I knew Paul and Marianne and I hope it preyed on their mind. In fact I am sure it did.
Asolutely pathetic piss weak non existent psuedo
faithhealers, F****n murderers.
Oooops, and we were trusting these people.