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Re: Horseshit apologies?

Posted by Jesse (rockon) on December 19, 2003 at 19:32:48

In Reply to: Horseshit apologies? posted by Observer on December 19, 2003 at 17:58:30:

Both you and “Concerned Reader” make a valid point.
My daughter takes antidepressant drugs and I have very bad insomnia and have to take medication at night to sleep that gives me bad headaches during the day. Posting here has been a relief valve. I don’t always portray myself in a positive light. I do believe in forgiveness. But if I could take the guy to court on my own without my daughter’s input I would but I don’t think that would work and currently the statute of limitations is expired. A civil suit is all that I could do and I don’t think he has anything worth the effort. I am more forgiving than I have portrayed myself to be. It’s just when she calls crying with problems and I feel her anxiety and depression I get mad. It’s affected my life as well as hers. Right now it feels that there is little justice in this life. I feel he deserves punishment. It’s easy to be outside looking in and say forgive and forget. When you’re on the inside dealing with the problems it’s a lot harder. Thanks for your input on this. It’s good to talk about these things.