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a first hand account

Posted by Acheick on January 23, 2004 at 18:48:54

In Reply to: Is sex alive & kicking in the sex cult? posted by Curious on January 22, 2004 at 20:43:34:

Our family here were at one time close friends with a TRF supporter family. My children spent a few years next door to them growing up. Then our family cut tithes with the cult F. completely and the parents cut ties with us. Nevertheless, we always seem to run into the kids here and there. About a year or two ago, we heard that the parents encouraged one of their young daughters to rejoin TF in India. Her siblings were quite upset about it as they do not have the same feelings about the cult F. But with her parents' encouragement (now these are idiot parents in my book), off she went. My 20 yr old daughter started classes this week and lo and behold, one of the girls is in her class, so they started up a conversation. Turns out her sister who is probably barely 20 or even younger, has now married a 40 year old member in TF in India and the parents didn't even know about it until after the fact. EVERYONE of her siblings are totally pissed off about it.