Hearing from God

Posted by Laura on June 21, 2004 at 04:11:28

In Reply to: Movie ratings! Any requests??? posted by Freeatlast! on June 20, 2004 at 20:51:42:

I will never understand how Family members can really believe Jesus is speaking through them to give stuff like a movie review of SpiderMan. I remember in the early days of the Family, we would pray about stuff like where to go witnessing that day, and after praying we would generally just feel that, because we had prayed, we could be confident that the Lord would keep us safe and generally guide us.

But what does a person think when they are "speaking" this stuff?? I was in the Family when all this prophesying stuff was taking hold and I just could never shake the belief that folks were saying their personal opinion and just giving it God's stamp of approval by saying they were spirit led. In one case, I felt I had received a prophecy saying that the father of my child (a member of Mama & Peter's Home) should take some hands on responsibility for his son. I sent my prophecy in, which was short but I really believed it; but it was "trumped" by a much longer, wordy prophecy supposedly from Dad saying that Mama & Peter's need for my son's father was greater than my son's, how my sacrifice would be rewarded some day, blah blah.

And if it's the Lord speaking in these movie reviews, why do the "prophets" need to watch the movie at all? Couldn't they just pray, "Lord, what about Spiderman?" and get the review?