Re: political spectrum

Posted by Perry on June 29, 2004 at 13:40:20

In Reply to: political spectrum posted by Acheick on June 28, 2004 at 20:37:56:

I agree with you that there is a spectrum of political perspectives presented on this board, but I've noticed over the two months that I've been purusing this site that those on the right of the spectrum seem to dominate. That's not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but what I find distasteful, and why I have hesitated to enter these political "debates", is that those on the right tend to respond with ad hominem arguments whenever someone on the left challenges their views, rather than really debating the issues. I've seen several posts recently that seem to indicate that has been going on for some time now on this site. I don't know. I just got here, but so far what I've been reading seems to bear that out. Perhaps that's why there doesn't seem to me to be as many liberals,lefties, socialists, atheists, agnostics, etc., posting their views here.