You were falsely accused

Posted by Oldtimer on July 13, 2004 at 15:24:02

In Reply to: thanks for support Stirrud up posted by Kerry on July 13, 2004 at 09:06:36:

Kerry, I was thinking of what you went through with Berg, probably after drinking two bottles of sherry, false accusing you and your former wife and thinking he was "in the Spirit." More like in the spirits (alcohol).

You weren't the only one falsely accused. Don't foget Merry Berg who was told she was filled with demons, "exposed" before the world and treated harshly, sent to a detention center. And her "crime?" Asking on her report why Berg drank so much.

Then there was Genesis, Eman's wife. Berg received "in the spirit" that she had harmed her newborn baby and wrote letter after letter "exposing" and condemning her. Years later Eman confessed he was the one who had hurt the baby.

Then there was you and your wife, falsely accused of being "weak sisters" when as Achieck said, it's the Family members who read the latest Mo and Mama letters so they know what to think (and are afraid to think indendently) who are the real weak sisters.

Then there was that girl Exer mentioned who simply asked why there were so many people in the Heaven poster at Berg's mansion, and he said he wished he could send her to hell and wrote an ML "exposing" her.

There must have been others too. I think the alcohol really brought out the mean, condemning side of Berg. Plus he figured whatever he said or whatever he felt was God's Spirit moving him, so when he felt mad he really let it rip figuring God really wanted to be mad through him. Doesn't sound like the teachings of Jesus to me.