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by Proteus
July 4th, 2004

As clearly as I have ever heard the Lord, I heard Him this morning. On Independence Day, of all days. It was that still small voice in my consciousness that we all can recognize and it was unexpected. He spoke clearly and unequiviocally and said, "Preach it son! What I whisper to you here, you must shout from the rooftops."

"Why Lord? I mean really -- Why me?"

"Because you are listening."

"I know that Lord but, well rather Jesus, or Lord, forgive me, it has been a long time since, that, well, that I have received a message like this, you know?"

"I know." said the Lord. Was He getting impatient with me? It was difficult to discern. I have always been so sensitive anyways. Nevertheless He continued "Since you left the Family you have been much more malleable and less defensive. I am pleased with your progress, son."

"Really?!! I can't believe that you would say that about me, and... Hey, You know? I like it when you call me son."

"I know."

"You do? You do?...Oh, yes, You do." Somehow at that moment I could sense that the Lord was smiling at me and it went on for what seemed like an eternity. But it was really, probably, only a minute or two, nevertheless, we both seemed to linger in a glow of warm love and friendship like two old school chums reminiscing at a school reunion.

You see, I was in the Family for 23 and 1/3 years, although I was a Christian all of my life. Since the age of 2, I had attended Sunday school and parochial schools and I always enjoyed memorising the scriptures and commandments and the Nicene Creed as well as the good and juicy bits of memorable sermons. Martin Luther was an important hero in my pantheon of great men as a young man and I thought about him often.

Now, why I joined the Family is a very good question and perhaps I will take time to enlighten you on that score at a later date. For now, all I know is that there was this whisper you see, or rather, I heard. That is, a whisper that I heard this morning from the Lord. And the Lord, apparently wishes me to relate the contents of that whisper to you as soon as possible.

"Lord." I said. "In the Family, well, back in the Cult, as I call it now. Back in the Cult about the only messages that I received from You were stuff like: 'Go to 5th and Main Street today and litness, there you will meet a girl with a bright smile. Talk to her. She is special to me.' And, Lord, You know that I would obey those messages, right? Everytime!"

"Mm huh."

"I used to enjoy those messages Lord, in my naivety and simple faith. You know? I always seemed to meet that girl too. Everytime You told me she would be there -- she was!! Special."

"I know. You never stopped thanking me for those opportunities. I know. I know."

"Oh Lord, I am sorry for taking Your precious time --"

"I don't have time to take. I am ETERNAL. You think you can rob God and get away with it?"

"It? It? I'm sorry? It being...time? Are we talking about time Lord? I mean--"


At this point I was shaking at the sound of His voice and I fell to the floor on my knees; then I thought better of it and decided to prostrate myself before Him. "God, I, I, Lord, forgive my insolence, I--"

"Ha ha ha ha. Get up Proteus. I was teasing you."

"You. You--God--You tease people?"

"No. Only you Proteus. I only tease you."

"Why me?"

"Well Proteus, don't you see? We are right back where we started. See? Why you? Why anyone? Why? Why do I choose anyone to deliver my message? Or to tease for that matter? Did you ever think about it?"

"No. I guess not."

"The message is this Proteus (And then I heard God's voice as I have never heard it before.):

Growth without fruitfulness. Growth without fruitfulness. Growth without fruitfulness. (It sounded like a funeral dirge.) Oh what a sad cry when the shepherds and gardeners of My Name become embroiled in growth for growth's sake. By the planting and positioning of rods they speckle the flock and graft the thorn to the burgeoning flower, thereby spoiling them both.

It is a new day for finances they say, the old will not do. We will hack, save, pile, chop, switch, and swap and dwindle until -- like an old mop that sweeps dirty, and dirtier still we will learn to live with it. For they say, we are the people, nay, the elect among the people.

The Family has become a harvest of spines and thornes. The plumpness withers. The fecund liquidity of my garden has evaporated and dried up with the changing of the guard. For who will guard a heap? Burning for burning the hot sun scorches a barren ground--and will not the drought GROW? This is not the growth of my commandments. Growth has supplanted fruitfulness and it will not stand.

The owner of such a pit of heaps will he not surely make it good? He shall pay ox for ox. Shall he not pay if he gored a son or daughter? If the thief be not found, then the master of the house shall be brought unto the judges, to see whether he have put his hand unto his neighbor's goods.


"Ah, ahem. Hmm. Ex--Exc--excuse me Lord! Whew! That scared me actually--it sounded so Old Testament--ish. I am quite speechless. As a matter of fact I might be a little bit hysterical at the moment by the portents of this message. It really sounded like a message from God. --From You, I mean. I just can't believe that you choose me to give it."

"Are we right back at the beginning again, with this 'Why me?' stuff dear Proteus?"

"Yes! I think so! Lord I liked it much better when you gave me those old messages, remember? Pardon if I repeat myself, but when I was still in the Family You said : 'Go to 5th and Main Street, and meet that hungry girl' Remember? Or, You would just give me verses like, 'Seek first the kingdom of God' or, 'Love conquers all' stuff like that. Why do I have this particular message for the Family? Now. At this moment. I am really-really not interested in them anymore. Why some folks will no doubt accuse me of wanting to be, God forbid, the new Father David, or the new end time prophet or some such."

"Don't worry Proteus. And by the way -- Don't give up your day job okay?" And then, I felt for sure somehow that I heard God snicker, if that's the right word. Or maybe it was more like God was suppressing a giggle, but then I could never imagine the God of the Universe giggling like a little girl. Maybe He was just smiling at me. God would never do anything undignified, would He? No sense fooling you guys though, we were all in the Family and know about their Jesus.

"God, Dear Lord, if I may, one more thing before You go or I go to type up this message. Lord, this GROWTH WITHOUT FRUITFULNESS message just sounds so judgemental and depressing, You know? Next time, if there is a next time would You mind giving me a more positive, and happy uplifting message. Maybe something from the New Testament perhaps? Just a thought."