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Posted by I have it!!! on July 20, 2004 at 12:21:30

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Here are those quotes you mentioned. I posted them on this board a while ago.


117. BUT I DON'T SEE WHY WOMEN SHOULD GET ANY WEAKER FROM HAVING BABIES, they ought to get stronger! In fact, they usually do get stronger when they're pregnant, & it's usually the healthiest they ever are if they're normal, natural & the way they ought to be. (Maria: The Lord is giving practically all our mothers babies one right on top of each other!) Hallelujah! All right then, even if it's a sacrifice to the mother's health, God must want those babies even if it costs a lot!

118. HE WANTS TO POPULATE HEAVEN WITH HIS CHILDREN!--And the faster we can have them right now the better, as far as He's concerned, obviously! (Maria: Are they supposed to get stronger or are they supposed to get weaker?) Well, it's hard work & maybe if they're overworking & overdoing the mother may suffer for it, but at least God's Kingdom prospers & is blessed. So, if she has ten babies & it kills her, well, there are ten more souls for the kingdom of God!--Shocked?

119. (MARIA: THAT'S THE QUESTION OUR PARENTS HAVE, if they're not going to be able to take care of five children because they're going to be so weak after the fifth one!) Oh blah blah blah! I think that's just an excuse! That's a lot of baloney! (Maria: Not really, because you do really worry about your children if you have to take care of them by yourself.)

120. ALL RIGHT, IF THEY'RE TOO DAMN WEAK TO BOTH BEAR'M & CARE'M, well, they can have'm, & having performed their service, go to be with the Lord, & the husband can marry a nice strong young woman who's got the health & strength to take care of'm! (Maria: It's not that simple, you don't just die!) Why not? Death of mothers was quite frequent when I was a kid. It was not at all unusual for a man to have had two or three wives, not because of divorce & remarriage but because of the women having so many children & such hard work that she finally wore out, or he wore her out, & she died & he married somebody else! Does that shock you?

121. WELL, PRAISE GOD, IF SHE PERFORMED HER SERVICE & SHE DID HER JOB & it got finished earlier than most people & the Lord took her, well she's all the better off, PTL! She never had a chance to even grow old, & he can get a nice young wife with a lot of strength & energy that can finish the job! I mean death is not such a terrible thing!