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Yeah, they are so messed up it's sort of humorous, you got to laugh not to cry type of stuff. After we stopped reporting, we didn't hear anything from TF for a couple of months. They kept sending us the garbage. One month they sent me an email telling they hadn't received my report, since I didn't want to communicate with them I just ignored it. The next month I got the same email. I responded and told them the reason they didn't receive a report is that I didn't send one and the Lord was leading us in another direction. For me end of conversation. The next day I received this email from them.

To David, Eva and Sam (US3851) from Your NACRO Office Family
Date: June 5th, 2003
Subject: Acknowledgment of note received

Dear David, Eva and Sam,

God bless you! We love you & keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We trust that you are doing well and enjoying another wonderful week in our Husband’s love and care.

We just wanted to write a little note to acknowledge that we received your note regarding your decision to stop reporting for the time being. Dear Ones, thank you so much for communicating with us regarding this decision, we want you to know that we still love you very dearly and though we’re sure you already realize this, we just want to assure you that this in no way changes ours or the Lord’s love for you and we certainly don’t think any “less” of you. If this works best for you at this present time, we are happy for you and are praying that everything works out for you.

Also, and just in case you might be interested in continuing to receive some mailings and Word, one thing we wanted to offer to help get you hooked up to is becoming a Winepress member in order for you to start receiving the Winepress mailings. We're not sure of the exact content of these mailings, but we know that as a Winepress member you would still receive much of the New Wine and still be a very important part of the Family, however you wouldn't have to also be concerned with keeping up with the other requirements that come along with being part of the FM Family, if you feel that at this time you aren't able to, for whatever reason. The cost of the Winepress mailings is simply a donation. Anyway, this is just something we thought to offer you in case you are interested. If you would like to be on the Winepress mailing list please just let us know so that we can help with the arrangements. Thanks!

Again, thanks so much for taking the time to write to us and explain your situation. We really appreciate it and we hope this note has been a blessing to you. Please do feel free to communicate with us regarding anything mentioned above or if there is anything else we can do to help. - As we always love and appreciate hearing from you!

We really love you and will always continue to count you all as our brethren. We love you and pray you have a wonderful, inspiring and fruitful week through the power of the Keys. God bless you! XX

With much love through the keys,

Alina, (for Your NACRO Office Family)


Your note below for reference:

Received but you didn't receive our report because we aren't reporting anymore. The Lord has led us to a different direction. Love in Jesus David, Eva, Sam

“Ellya: You must understand that the keys of the Kingdom are real. They exist. They are not a mere symbol,
nor some sort of ornamental representation. They are a real and living, vibrant entity. The keys are alive, and they represent our Savior's spirit and all the power of Heaven, which can never be conquered. When you call on
the keys, remember that you are calling on a living, moving, powerful, spiritual phenomenon.”
(“Call on the Keys, part 1,” ML #3368:35)
HA, HA, HA, HA (added for emphasis)

I laughed when I received this as Even in this they were still trying to control us and get our money the bunch of pompous SOB's. It was humorous of them to say they didn't think any less of us. Every day gets better, life is so good it is almost unbelievable!