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The Family International Invades Home Privacy

Posted by Carmella on October 12, 2004 at 06:56:38

Read on the Moving On site, taken from a "Family International" (the new name for the cult) GN:

Karen Zerby says: "One of our VSs wrote:

2. I have wondered about the inflexibility many have in the realm of our communal living. We have folks who aren't that good in the Home but who are fairly faithful witnessers."
---End of Excerpt----

My partner and I were just discussing how happy we are to be out of that constant supervision and Gestapo-like invasive FAUX-Christianity of the Family, and then we just read this over at the MOVING ON SITE.

God help those poor cult members when they finally leave the cult and find freedom.

What does that dim-witted VS mean by "We have folks who aren't that good in the Home"?

Imagine, or can we remember, being constantly judged and watched and stressed out by these silly simple-minded VS sycophants, saying we aren't "that good" in what is supposed to be our own home; a place of rest and repose--not judgement and self-righteous indictments.

I swear somedays I think I should go into full time antiCULT work myself.