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Posted by Farmer on December 09, 2004 at 02:09:56

In Reply to: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FARMER! posted by Jewlz on December 08, 2004 at 18:13:45:

So sweet of you...although they're plenty more farmers around the world - for which I am thankful,... not being one myself - yes, I still haven't pulled off from movingon genius of the other Jules,has the "birthday-trackkeeping-device" included...
I think it's really thoughtful of her...Somewhere I read some probabilitymath about the chance of people in one class having the same birthday...pretty high it was, to my astonishment(may be some have the same here too!!??)...Anyway the date is supposed to be right, they say ; ) Actually I have a Turkish colleague, who's by two years younger in his
ID-card...quite "funny"/odd.

Hope to get to know your birthday too, so I could
respond as well.Say, you teach dancing??Amazing!
Quite an art.Wonderful. I have now "only" seasons-greetings for you, if that's ok?...
Anyway, thank you (I am out of the habit of celebrating for a long time...)...was a bit of a
"pleasant shock" visiting now the site ; )