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Mother Eve

Posted by upset on January 16, 2005 at 22:33:53

I am offended by the attention accorded to the post by Mother Eve, which appears here and is posted prominently at NDN.

One of the last people any ex-members need to hear any advice from is Mother Eve. She facilitated Berg's rise -- helped build the system that oppressed thousands. She may have taken a lower profile at one point, but she took blood money from him for decades, and never spoke out against him.

She could have set the record straight -- going public with accounts of his deviant and abusive behaviour in the early years. She could have done a great deal to blunt the influence that Berg had -- but she didn't. She seems to have existed in some sort of spiritual la la land for a long time.

I for one do not want to hear anything from Mother Eve except an apology for her part in enabling Berg's evil reign. Until she does, she has no moral authority whatsoever.

And I find it offensive and insensitive that the NDN accord her any kind of prominence by putting her post about Ricky's passing along with just two others on a sort of Ricky page. It's an insult.

I can't understand people like her, and I can't understand ex-members who accord her any kind of deference. It is so sick, in my view.