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Child abusers appointed & funded by the FCF/COG to work with children

Posted by reposted on January 24, 2005 at 02:58:09

In Reply to: FCF's money laundering and financial links to cult--project posted by WC on January 22, 2005 at 16:24:04:

Family / COG child abusers appointed and funded by the FCF to work with children

A) Paul Pelequin (Josiah) was named in the 1995 UK high court as having abused children.

Judges ruling on Mene Berg (David Berg’s granddaughter):

“Her first encounter was with her step-father in Paris when she was 7. He made her masturbate him She was sent to Greece to join "Music with Meaning" and from then on it was constant sexual activity. She said:
"Paul (now the European CRO) immediately started sexual interaction with us doing everything except penetration. I began to realise I was expected to be "revolutionary", that is to say sexually to service the different men aged 25 to 30 plus." see: MB
and section 9 of the ruling: 9. Paul P. - Josiah

“ He Was another member of the Music with Meaning team. He corrupted and abused the young girls who were part of the singing and dancing troupe. What troubles me gravely is that he is now the European Shepherd…” see: 318 Paul P. - Josiah

A1) Paul Pelequin (Josiah): Appointed by FCF to work with children in 1997

Two years after the UK ruling in 1997 (until 2001) Paul Pelequin is working with children through the Family Care Foundation in a project disturbingly called: “Focus on Kidz” now listed as project complete on the FCF website:

B) Mary Malaysia (Joan, Mary Thatcher) was named in the 1995 UK high court as having abused children.

Mary Malaysia is both mentioned in detail in the UK judgment and referred to in professor Steve Kent’s :“Brainwashing and Re-indoctrination programs in the Children of God / The Family”
(can be found before ‘conclusion’)

Mary Malaysia is a notorious child abuser. Because of her documented brutality to children in the UK, the Family assured the Lord Justice Ward that she would not be permitted to work with children.

B1) Mary Malaysia: Appointed by FCF to work with children in 1997

At the start of 2004 Mary Malaysia whose legal name is Mary Thatcher was listed as the project director of the Action in Focus project which was established in 1997. After concerns about child abusers working through the FCF were posted on in the early part of 2004 all photographs containing Ms. Thatcher were cropped and removed from her FCF webpage. The Action in Focus webpage now lists Martin Mc Nally as the Project Director:

C) Robert Fernandez: was named in the 1995 UK high court as having abused children.

In the Judges 1995 ruling he determines that Robert Fernandez (RF) encouraged two children 10 and 11 years old to masturbate him. See: RF and RD

Though he is named in the ruling as RF, it is known that he being “a respected member of the video ministry not far removed from the top leadership” is Robert Fernandez producer of the following Family videos:

C1) Robert Fernandez: appointed to the Board of Directors of the FCF 2000

Robert Fernandez is appointed to the board of Directors of the FCF in the year 2000
(listed on page 4)

FCF abusers not mentioned in UK court ruling

D) Angela Smith deceased: Director of the Family Care Foundation:
(Page 4)

E) Victor L. Trigoso: appointed to work with children in Vladivostok Russia in 1997. Remained working with children through his FCF project until he was exposed on

His webpage disappeared from the FCF in January 04.