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Past and Present..

Posted by Anon John on January 24, 2005 at 23:31:48

In Reply to: Re: FG's and the media.. posted by a poster on January 24, 2005 at 20:58:46:

Poster, I did not post as an accusation, but rather a confession. Perhaps I should have spoken out earlier. Bless those who did. I believe everyone has to assess their own family's situation. Even w/ anonymity, I worry what might happen if my identity were to become known in the community, it's impact on my school age kids etc. If you are a parent, there are many considerations.

As far as what could or could not have been done in the past, it is a difficult issue. The social psychology, fear of rebelling against our perception of God's movement, complicated situations with spouse and children, as well as the legal limitations are all factors. But I still have to say I was certainly in a better position to have done something than the kids were, whatever my mindset at the time. And trying, in some small and nonheroic way to at least validate their position NOW, seems right to me. The Family seems unlikely to face reality. Being unable to undo the past, we hope for some healing for the future. Perhaps some critical mass of truth is drawing closer. I hope so.