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Re: And how about Mama's profanity filled

Posted by Perry on January 28, 2005 at 19:03:41

In Reply to: And how about Mama's profanity filled posted by Jo on January 28, 2005 at 15:40:43:

Jo, you said, "I hope the youth currently in the family overthrow her and the bondage aspects of the family ..."

I've thought a bit about the supposedly "revolutionary" aspects of TF, and how change is affected within the organization. It seems to me that fundamental changes in TF will never occur from the grassroots up, but only from the top down, which is quite the opposite of most revolutions.

As far as I know, no revolt by the rank and file members ever resulted in fundamental change in TF. Instead, anyone who rebelled against authority was either kicked out or left on their own. I don't know if there ever was an organized rebellion.

TF was founded by and is based on the life and words of a corrupt man, who continues to instruct TF from "heaven". That's what needs to be overthrown, but it will never happen, so the youth, imo, are better off leaving than rebelling. I agree with your overall sentiment, though, that youth currently in TF are still under a tremendous bondage. That's why we need to help them overthrow Zerby and her gang.