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explain please

Posted by teller of truths on January 29, 2005 at 01:24:35

Does anyone realise as i do that even some of the second generation young men have been put through so much perverse literature and brainwashing that even they are or have in the past subjected their or others younger siblings to the same perverse acts this is one problem i dont think anyone has brought up i have actually seen this happen to others as well as myself i am now in my early 20s been out since 2000 and in my pre teen days the men that were in their late teens were the perpetrators they were the ones we were scared of i hope they also realise they are accountable those few young men now in their late 20s did some horiffic things to me and some of the other girls but i dont know how or what to say was it their falts after all the shit they were shown??i feel they sould take alot of the blame as i was only 10 years old when it first started happening to me and i knew it was wrong i didnt want it to happen i have attempted suicide twice but didnt successfully make it happen as these memories always linger how does everyone else cope with these constant dreams and thoughts who do you tell without them thinking your crazy or telling bullshit?