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The **#@!! mind-screwing begins!!!

Posted by Furious on January 31, 2005 at 12:12:04

We can soon expect to hear an 'apology' from Ricky as Maria says he is in retraining in the basement of heaven & will soon help the Family as a spirit-helper.

The Truth About Angela's Death and Ricky's Suicide, Part 2
By Maria FD/MM/FM 3530 1/05

54. I have delivered Ricky from the evil forces and taken him out of the world where he can no longer be used to hurt or harm others. I have brought him to a place in a lower part of Heaven where he will be cleansed, purged, and where he will learn to once again submit willingly to Me in humility and repentance.

56. Angela is in her new heavenly home, where she was greeted by your Father David... She will help many of you personally when she is ready.

57. Ricky is not at peace yet, for the reality of his error is very painful for him, but he will eventually have the peace he desperately seeks. He will be taken through his time of cleansing and full repentance slowly and gently, for there is much that his spirit must be cleansed of. But in time‚ all will be well with him, and he‚ too, will eventually help from the spirit world.