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Posted by Oldtimer on February 09, 2005 at 16:23:31

In Reply to: OH MY GAWD posted by Acheick on February 09, 2005 at 16:10:03:

The Dayos have totally bought into the Family's propaganda. Unbelievable! Read this:

"How could anyone in their right mind viciously wipe out such a beautiful life? But we know that Ricky was not in his right mind. His mind was filled with anger and hate. Hate which was applauded, encouraged and fed by other hateful people.

Dayo is blaming US exmembers for Angela's death! She's totally parroting the Family's lying accusations! This is shocking. I hadn't imagined they'd have been in so deep with the cult. Then she says:

"He renounced the Lord and started associating himself with people who were bent on destroying the Family. Hate breeds hate."

And of course the classic line, repeated straight from the cult's PR brochures:

"I am not disputing the fact that the Family made some mistakes early on. They are the first to admit it and change it. Havenít we all made mistakes in our lives?"

They are the first to admit it? Doesn't look like they're admitting it now. The whole MyConclusion website is dedicated to denying the abuse that happened.