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Posted by ray on February 25, 2005 at 00:36:27

In Reply to: Re: "we..." posted by jo on February 25, 2005 at 00:04:57:

i blew it. i'll leave your assessment of your choices up to yourself. i am very aware of the social psychology, the spiritual manipulation, and abusive techniques, that mo employed. yet, i still have to face the fact that my choices, whatever the influence, were ultimately contributing to a destructive system, whatever i was thinking at the time. particularly in the context of the discussion w/ john, it seems appropriate to accept responsibility, and look for ways to bring healing. kids are dying.

jo, your circumstances were different from mine, before, during, and after. i do not lump your choices in w/ mine. i wish you peace and healing.

as far as stuff at mo's house, i was only there a few days, and frankly i don't believe he ever trusted or even liked me. but sure, after 21 years in the family, i have lots to confess. no, never had sex w/ a child... but there is much i am not proud of. i'm not sure what you mean.

i am not sure why you seem to feel so attacked in this. i have no ill will toward you. if you never did anything you feel was a mistake, i am not trying to point a finger at you.