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Re: Paypal Donations to the Ricky Memorial Fund

Posted by Joseph on February 25, 2005 at 12:45:18

In Reply to: Re: Paypal Donations to the Ricky Memorial Fund posted by Oldtimer on February 25, 2005 at 12:18:58:

MG tends to be rather harsh when it comes to anything I'm involved with. I try to ignore it, but frankly, if he has a problem with me, maybe he ought to just bring it on. If there is anything I like better than raising money, it's engaging in long, tedious, tiresome, never ending arguments online. The kind that cause guitar-like callusís on the tips of your fingers from pounding the keyboard at 3:AM.

I tried to keep the thing low key, because I know ex-members get plugged in about money. But, we just weren't getting anything in. When I read John La Mattery Jr's message the other day, I felt it was time to step it up. If that upsets someone, too bad. We are running out of time.

I never said anyone had to donate via NDN, I just laid it out as a quick easy way to do it. Nobody gets extra credit toward their grade up in the sky.

By the way, we are up to $250 now. Rattling cages works.