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Giving later when I can

Posted by Oldtimer on February 26, 2005 at 01:21:43

I think it's great that people are giving by whatever way they choose to give, whether mailing directly, thru the Paypal account Joseph set up, visa, PD or Jane getting on the phone, etc.

But I heard there was a deadline, the end of this month or something before the money all had to be in to pay for the place. I'm assuming that if enough doesn't come in from individual small doners like us, that somebody (or a few somebodies) in San Diego who happen to have the cash on hand are going to have to dig deep to make up what's lacking.

Obviously a few people should NOT have to do that. In my case I can't give right now to meet the deadline but can give something after a check comes in in March -- but probably too late for the payment deadline. But if a couple somebodies empty their bank accounts to make this happen, I'd like them to receive my donation. I trust the integrity of John Jr. and Sarafina and Elixia and others so wouldn't mind sending the money to some designated post-memorial address.

Who would that be to? Sorry for asking but the deadline looks like it's looming.