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I was slandered too

Posted by Did You Know on March 01, 2005 at 10:55:37

In Reply to: I agree posted by packrat on March 01, 2005 at 03:27:43:

Mene was not the only one that The Family had people write lying affidavits about.

Even though The Family took me as a child far from my blood relatives and used me as a servant and sex slave, they apparently thought there was some relevance or credibility to having me maligned those related to me.

I also have a copy of a lovely little piece of crap written apparently by one of The Family's then Grand Poobah WS spinmeisters. Recognize yourself?

It was very nice recently to have a friend react to the newspaper articles where I am maligned by an abandoning parent, controlled sibling and stepsibling, and my very abuser (one of my main abusers) and other opressors. It was kind of nice to know somebody cared that this had been done to me. Would have been nice to have had that when I was helpless.

But wait, there is a cherry on top: a crusading exer goes and publishes self-canonizing propaganda. I hope you're satisfied. You should ask Peter for a reward for your solid progress in helping drive another witness to the brink.