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Re: code language

Posted by Karmageddon on March 09, 2005 at 17:06:24

In Reply to: Re: code language posted by Perry on March 09, 2005 at 13:15:47:

It seems to me there was this level at which some of us "got it" and some of us didn't, and it definitely depended on where you were and who the leadership was. The leaders I met who were trained at TSC pretty much got it.

During my babe status--when overt sexual activity was forbidden--I "got it" in the teachings about Esther (the prototype for Heaven's Girl), Lothe daughters of Lot in the wilderness after Sodom & Gomorrah, King David having many wives and being given a young woman to sleep with in his old age, and of course, letters such as Old Church, New Church. I "got it" inasmuch as it was clear to me that traditional Christian sexual morality was not the framework they were using to talk about "godly" models of intimate relationships.

In 1972 60 Minutes did one of the first exposes of the Family. At that time, allegations about the sexual liberties of the upper leadership were reported. I remember watching that show as a newly recruited member and "getting it," because none of the TSC oldtimers made a point of denying the allegations about Berg. What people don't say often tells me more what they do say.