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Re: on Hard Edges

Posted by Perry (reposted) on March 19, 2005 at 17:11:58

In Reply to: Re: Some thoughts posted by Perry (reposted) on March 19, 2005 at 17:10:21:

When I referred, in an earlier post, to "someone with an 'edge', like me," I was not using the word 'edge' in a derogatory or negative way, as the poster, Suggestion, has assumed and applied it. I am proud of my hard edges, and here's why.

The cult succeeded in hammering and chiselling away the hard edges of my 'square peg' so that I would fit into their 'round hole' they slotted for me. They wanted and needed all of us square pegs to fit into the conformity of their 'holy holes.' Well, it worked for awhile, but after many years I am finally getting my hard edges back. I am proud of my hard edges because they make me unique, and I will never again allow anyone, without my permission, to hammer and chisel away at my personality or unique characteristics.

If people can't handle my hard edges they don't have to read my posts or reply to them. And if anyone were to talk to me in person, or even on the telephone, they would quickly discover that I am actually very (these are adjectives others have used to describe me) soft-spoken, gentle, sensitive, caring, compassionate, and quite affable.