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Re: Jim LaMattery - unanswered questions

Posted by Curious on April 10, 2005 at 15:01:29

In Reply to: Re: Jim LaMattery - unanswered questions posted by Yvonne on April 10, 2005 at 09:29:26:

I agree with Celeste & that's my whole point -- I don't think it's ethical if one person proffited from writing a book of others' pain & suffering & blood, & when giving affidavits cost loss of jobs & lives.

But yeah the story will have to be told. someone has to write it. BUT the proceeds should go to the victims.

And I don't think Jim should be the one to write it. I wouldn't but a book full of....*then I did this....then I said this....then a victim told me....then I pushed to get people to ...I had to badger them to blah blah...

What bugged me a lot on NDN was where Jim talked about his private personal talk with Aaron's son whom he said looked just like his dad. immediately I wondered, did Jim get permission from that SG to publicly talk about him on the public boards? It really seemed like he was breaching confindentility & it didn't sit right with me. He did a photo-op.

I appreciate what Jim & the lamatteries are doing but Jim's style bugs the crap out of me.