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Re: Reply to Query and Affirmative

Posted by XR on April 18, 2005 at 22:19:10

In Reply to: Re: If it is true that he never REALLY believed TF propoganda, posted by yes on April 16, 2005 at 21:40:00:

Unfortunately this is a very public place and if I divulged how I am privy to this information it would also reveal my identify. However anyone who knew/knows David on a personal basis during his visits to see the Fam knows this about David.

I might add that just because David stood up in defense of a Fam member retaining custodianship of his/her child does not mean David necessarily "defended" the Fam, but was defending rather an individual in the Fam. Certainly during the time of the BI Case it was clear Pearl was a fit parent and is a fit parent and therefore should retain custody of her child. As someone coming from the outside and meeting Fam members I believe academics see many sincere people in the Fam even if they do not agree with the doctrine of the group. I think it is hard for academics to know all that goes on inside a Fam home as a lot is hidden from them. Anyway there is not enough room here to talk on this subject but that is the gist of it.