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Current SGA Member Letter

Posted by Jim LaMattery on April 23, 2005 at 13:58:12

We have just posted a new folder on called "Letters." This folder now contains the letter I recieved from a very brave current member of The Family International. I say "brave" because he has not hid behind a web nickname, has used his legal name, and is speaking from his heart instead of a cue card from his leadership. I don't know how long our communication will last, that is, I don't know how long it will take Maria and Peter to censure this young man. But he has asked for a voice, and I intend of giving him an opportunity to discuss the current FBI and IRS investigations with me on our site. Nothing will be chopped and pasted, we will keep the original letters in their original form. I think that many of you will find this "living book" quite interesting, I know that I have. Thank you.
PS- Claire's letter and my response is located in this folder as well. I will continue to post her letters to me as they come in.