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Questions for Jim LaMattery

Posted by Grey on April 24, 2005 at 14:05:00

This is an edit of a post I made below -- still unanswered.

Jim: Seeing as you broke the news of the investigation in the media, can you answer the following questions?

1. Did the FBI ask you or suggest to you that you make news of the investigation public? Did they approve of you making news of the investigation public?

2. Did the FBI ever ask you, suggest to you, or in any way indicate that it would be best that you not go public with the news of the investigation?

3. If the FBI asked you, or indicated to you that it would be best that you not go public with the news of the investigation, why did you? Why did you go against their expressed wishes?

4. If you did in fact go against the FBI's expressed wishes in this matter, why have you not made that clear before now? The image that you have projected is that you are working closely with them, cooperating in every way possible.

tell us if you did it with the approval of the FBI, or did you deliberately disregard their advice? did they want you to go public? And if not, why did you? And why did you never make that clear, that you were acting contrary to the wishes of the FBI?