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Here are Jules' reason, as given on movingon

Posted by reposter on April 25, 2005 at 03:54:17

In Reply to: Re: Jim LaMattery tossed off Moving On posted by Here's the link on April 24, 2005 at 11:26:02:

From Jules
Saturday, April 23, 2005, 22:22

I would like to request that people not post content on Jimís behalf. Jim has actually been blocked from posting further on this web site. Since he has again announced that he does not wish to post here other than to answer unanswered questions, which he did through nearly 100 replies, and seemed to be answered to the best of his ability, I was glad that this decision seemed to be mutually beneficial for all.

Jim has been blocked from this site for the following reasons:

1. Continued lack of respect for the privacy of others. He continued to pressure Nancy to contact him despite her publicly stating her wishes that he not do so.

2. Continued false allegations and attacks against abuse victims.

a) Has accused SGAs of attempting to derail the FBI investigation. This is not true. What they have said is that the information they received directly from the FBI was very different than the information he has been disseminating.

b) Has accused SGAs of attempting to stop him going public. This is not true. People simply wished to know the reason for him disregarding the FBIís advice to not publicly disclose the investigation.

c) Has accused the MovingOn administrators of a conspiracy to hide the FBI investigation. This is as ludicrous as the Familyís statements that the MovingOn admins have a conspiracy to promote violence. This is an open forum. What is or is not said on this web site is up to the SGAs who participate here.

d) Has accused me of attempting to thwart his attempts to gather information. Again, simply not true. He has repeatedly asked me to post on this site on his behalf. I explained to him that I do not do this and that he could post his own statements.

e) Has accused other SGAs of trying to derail him to protect their own parents. Also untrue. People have explained to him that they do not wish to arbitrarily turn over information to him, but would rather work directly with investigators.

f) Has asked that people write him privately and then insinuated that there was some hidden secret going on behind the scenes when people tried to accomodate him. Personally I have consistently and only written him about the need for caution and sensitivity when working with abuse survivors. I have nothing to hide and anything I have said to him privately, I would and have said publicly.

g) Has accused SGAs of inaction. Just because they do not give information to him does not mean that they are inactive. The FBI and IRS investigations were not initiated by him but by others. The current level of mobility is due to the outrage that many SGAs feel and has nothing to do with him at all. In any regards, abuse survivors have the absolute right to be as "active" as they themselves feel is appropriate and safe for them.

3. Persistent patronization of SGs on MovingOn. First generation people who post here do so as guests. They are asked to be respectful of us and our space and if they are not then they are blocked from posting.

4. Demanding that those he has hurt directly confront him, with no thought to their own vulnerability or his triggering behaviour. The definition of advocacy is to speak on behalf of others. Jim has stated that he plans to make a career out of advocating and speaking on behalf of others and so should understand that there are times when it is necessary to do so.

5. Privately threatening people while simultaneously publicly apologizing to them. He has threatened to sue victims, to attack them in the media, to attack them online and in circulated emails to others. He has harassed abuse victims to the point of them seeking legal counsel to protect themselves against him. Many SGA abuse survivors have enough going on already with recovery and attempting to rebuild their lives and this has been a completely unnecessary stress factor for them.

Jim is obviously a bit of a bull in a china shop. Blocking him from this site is simply an effort to remove him from the china shop and to free up his energy and effort to be devoted towards justice for his family. Being a bull is not a bad thing when his passion is directed towards the justice effort. It takes great energy and effort to see justice done and Jim certainly has a lot of energy.

Jim's taking his time previously to address the issues people raised here was greatly appreciated. I wish Jim the best of luck in his endeavours and I wish him all the best in his efforts to see justice done for his family. A link to the LaMattery Resource web site has been posted on the home page of this web site and anyone seeking further updates from Jim can find them a click away there