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Japanese Media Seeks Ex-Members

Posted by Monger on April 25, 2005 at 19:42:06

Certain major Japanese media outlets are looking for people who fit the following profiles. Respondents in Japan are generally preferred.

A woman who was abused in The Family.
An ex-FGA (male or female).
Anyone who was a member until recent years (male or female).
Full-blooded Japanese ex-SGA (male or female).

Any details that each source wants to keep off the record will be protected. Of course, if there are people willing to come forward with their names, the media outlets would greatly appreciate that, too.

I have had reasonably extensive contact with one reporter in Japan and have come to trust her. She is willing to act as a middle person and ensure the privacy of each person, if that is needed or wanted. She does not want her name or publishing company released publicly at this time, but if you email me I can send you the info.

She has requested that those willing to be interviewed get back to me at monger AT (or you can use editors AT which is read by several people) with contact info, and I will forward it on to her as quickly as possible.