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Re: The roar of Queenie's silence

Posted by Observer on May 03, 2005 at 12:08:57

In Reply to: The roar of Queenie's silence posted by Johnny Belinda on May 03, 2005 at 10:51:53:

I have a different take on Queenie's silence. She has seen just how incredibly pissed off exmembers become when so-called 'enemies' of the Family, as soon as they die, are supposedly ushered into Heaven in the presence of 'Grandpa' where they weep & repent for fighting God's children, the Family.

Exmembers are still pissed off over Rick Dupuy's supposed repentance & apology in Heaven because they know his dying words were that the repeated exorcisisms & abuse in the Victor Camps destroyed his will to live.

Exmembers have raised such a cry of outrage over every supposed 'repentance in Heaven' that Queenie knows she doesn't dare publish another false repentance. I wonder if they deliberately weed out the false prophecies that come in from Family members saying Ricky told them such-&-such? Did you notice on that a Family member claimed that Ricky came to him in such grief that he WAS UNABLE TO SPEAK. That was allowed to be posted, but no false Ricky apologies have. There's a reason for it.