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Kids in Crisis on Insight last night

Posted by Jewlz on May 03, 2005 at 23:15:33

did anyone in australia happen to watch a documentary last night called "Kids in Crisis" on SBS. it was about foster children & foster care.
Insight talks to former foster kids, birth parents and foster parents from across the country, as well as others involved in child protection.
A young man stood up in the studio audience - his name was Lindsay. he said his father had joined a cult religion & left the mother. the young boy went with the father. he then went on to say that he was sexually abused by a woman in the cult (i think it was his new step mum), and his bio father was constantly telling him that his mother was evil and he would never see her again.
did anyone see this. i wanna know who this sg is.
im convinced it was TF. happy ending though, he finally got back to his mum & they were sitting together in the studio audience.
if i hadnt found my son he would have been told the same thing, your mum is evil and she didnt want you. my son would never have known that i searched and searched. oh its all too scary for words.