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No differing here

Posted by Jo on May 18, 2005 at 17:28:16

In Reply to: Re: There are some absolutes posted by Time traveller on May 18, 2005 at 14:17:39:

Although I left before the reign of Zerby began, it is clear from what I have read from so many sources that Zerby was an opportunist who fit right in to the niche she settled into.

In fact, in the letters (in the Berg days) where she seems to be the one with a conscience, it is my understanding that she is more or less saying things followers might doubt or wonder about so those things would be dispelled. Like when she seems to have empathy regarding the family in IRFer's Beware.

I never viewed her as just another member. Things I have read since coming around to the exer sites just magnify this. Like the comment from someone about her having gone for one top dog in the early days and ending up with the head dread. Most FG members would never have thought to seek that out. Most of us were quite naive. I know i was.

In KZ letters which I have seen (some of them) on the ex-member sites she now has Jesus and Berg on call for regular conferencing to back her up.

I agree completely with your depiction of KZ.