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that is just terrible

Posted by lydia on May 20, 2005 at 22:22:06

In Reply to: Re: thanks for that posted by susie on May 20, 2005 at 21:50:35:

I'm just raging at myself for not knowing, that is just beyond words that the "men" would make such a cruel decision. My heart is beating so hard and I feel so angry and upset. Are you sure we were still there? If hubby was in on that decision I'm going to rake him over the coals.

I don't even remember the boys going out at night, I thought they were with the kids?

I'm thinking we had moved out by then, as we did not stay there very long because it was just to insane. I didn't realise how insane it was.

Thats just unforgivble, I'm so happy Serena came, but how bad is that? Two girls at ten oclock at night on the train? With the Baby?

Gosh I'm mad.

I'm trying to get the time period right in my head. Did we leave to go to Melbourne? Or is that when we came from Melbourne and arrived in Sydney.

Is that when Merisha and I got busted at the lights for litnessing?

It's just scarey to think such a horrible thing happened like that to you. You have every right to be angry.