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It's much more serious than that.

Posted by on May 23, 2005 at 13:16:48

Hi. You posted that:

"I think you got it wrong when you say they are TFI. As far as I know those folks have not been FAMILY for a very long time. Believe me if they were they wouldn't be involved in all of those church ministries and stuff like that.”

“They've just kept their Christian faith and went on to another ministry. Good for them, they are at least doing something for the Lord and it looks like their kids are doing ok as well. Unlike many of the TFI kids who've left the group and gone on to not amount to much at all. A real shame, but a real reality."

I feel very strongly that I should challenge what you are saying here; with all due respect.

I have some germane questions, I believe. They are:
1. What, to you, makes up the characteristics of people who are TFI?
a. Have they publicly divorced themselves, from the point of view of a supposedly Christian ministry with regards to the behavioral fraud and teachings of David Brandt Berg and his followers? In fact, have they admitted the fraudulent practices of Berg’ own mother, who it can be shown, faked the supposed supernatural healing upon which her entire ministry was based?

b. Have they believably demonstrated that they are not TFI associates of ANY kind, including Charter Member, Missionary Member, or Fellow Member?

c. Are they tithers of any kind (see

“By tradition tithe is a tenth of one's income that is donated to the clergy. In The Family
tithing is mandatory and supports the group's leadership and infrastructure.”)?

d. How are such members defined by the cult?

From TFI pub, “The Professionals—An Open Answer To An Open Letter”:

"33. However, I think a misconception that many have-–especially, but not only, the younger folks--is that you have to live the life of a full-time disciple to be in the Family. That's not true. You can be a Family member without being a Charter Member disciple. You can do the things that you, Daniel, listed earlier–-that is, love the Lord, love others, and live a life of service in the Family--without having to deal with the difficulties of being a full-time disciple. How do you do that? By being a Fellow member.“

“34. I can hear some of the young folks groaning! But see, many CM and FM “members have the wrong attitude about Fellow membership. “

"35. Many tend to look down on Fellow members. Some consider the Fellow member circle a place where failures or problem cases go, those who “couldn't make it.” But that's not what Fellow membership is all about. Fellow members are important, full-fledged members of the Family--they believe, they witness, win souls, and pass out the message; they tithe and do many of the same things as Charter members. The difference is that they've decided that living the full–time discipleship life within the CM Family is not for them. But though they don't live the way the Charter members are required to, they are Family members who are valuable and who collectively do a wonderful job.“

2. What has believing you got to do with the allegation that “…if they were they wouldn't
be involved in all of those church ministries and stuff like that.” By that I mean:

a. Are you kidding? When there is evidence on their own webpages (see that they are portraying Mo’ Letter quotes as quotes By Mother Eve, and that these pages solicit funds, can’t you see what that means?

b. Can’t you see that a “Christian Faith”, defined historically, has nothing to do with Berg’s teachings, which in the words of Peter, are PRETENTIONS to the Christian faith, and are “feigned words”, with which Berg, and all his followers, INCLUDING the “Star Family Singers” are “...making merchandise...” of the

I’ll tell you what—divulge to these bona fide Christian ministries the affiliations of the Star Family Singers, and I guarantee they’ll drop sponsorship, and funding, of them like a hot potato!

Your failure to agree with this reasoning would only prove that:

a. You yourself are still a TFI affiliate of some sort or another, or that

b. You are hopelessly naďve, or

c. You have the intelligence of said potato, or

d. Your refusal to think these things through, that is, your willful ignorance, makes you think that imitating the dishonest practices of TFI is actual Christian ministry, so you’re still the equivalent of the potato, mentally and morally.

3. You do realize that funds continuing to be “tithed” to TFI actively promote all the
“earthly, sensual and devilish” (James 3) practices TFI is guilty of over the years
ACTIVELY perpetuate not only these beliefs, but practices, of kidnap, oppression, torture, sexual molestation of minors, prostitution of non-minor women, and so on , and so on, and so on?