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Re: Oh, and that "cross-marked" murder

Posted by anon on May 28, 2005 at 20:36:10

In Reply to: Oh, and that "cross-marked" murder posted by Oldtimer on May 28, 2005 at 19:37:55:

Does anyone know the status of the person that was killed in Thailand? Was he someone potentially damaging to the family? The point about Berg calling that article a "good article" would have fit in with when the Godfather movies were coming out and when he was infatuated with it. Here is a definition from the web (not a dictionary) of "don":
It is a title in Spain (Don/Dona) and Italy (Don/Donna) descending from Latin "dominus," master, lord. It is thus cognate with French/British/Portuguese Dom/Dame and British Dan (judge).

Back to the entertainment aspect. Interestingly, you'll note Puzo's _Godfather_ can be broken up as God-father. Dominus is the Latin translation for Hebrew Adonai and Greek Kurie, a title of the Lord God. In the book and movie, Don Corleone's titles of Don and Godfather allude to the awe and respect in which he is held, the mastery to which he aspires, and the hubris which he cannot shake.

Italian, Spanish term of deference for mafia heads.