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I remember

Posted by Acheick on June 02, 2005 at 18:55:44

In Reply to: Re: Important discrepancy posted by Old as dirt on June 02, 2005 at 15:26:09:

when I was in the Hayward colony - about the fall of 1971 and some shepherd (was it Corny Cop?) was visiting and he had some big important position. I think he may have just been with Berg the pervert and his slew of handmaidens. Anyways, he was talking about that - about the bible story (was it King Ahoserous (sp?) and Esther?) where the handmaiden had apparently moved in on the king to save her people. He wanted to know how dedicated we were and would we be willing to do that if God ever asked us to. It was more of the same, like the story of the Russians who were put on the ice flow and were about to receive their crowns from heaven, but one guy gave up his crown for a warm coat and to get off the ice flow. More of those fear tactics to see just how dedicated one was. That's how I thought of it - I thought - God, I hope I don't have to pass that test, same as I thought about being put on an ice flow. Anyway, I remember them using that story.