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Re: No, they don't FF

Posted by Monger on June 05, 2005 at 13:26:10

In Reply to: Re: No, they don't FF posted by Question on June 05, 2005 at 01:33:19:

Enough time has passed since FFing ceased that this too has eventually stopped.

This talk of "eye-witness testimony from recent departees who know of such practices continuing to this day" is nonsense. I was in the group a little over 3 years ago. They regularly publish "testimonies" about people who fooled around with systemites then became so guilt-ridden they decided to confess and go through babe's status, and having a closer conenction to Jesus for it.

As for Acheik's claim that an FMer (akin to TSers) were sleeping outside the group, well, that is allowed in the Charter, and if an FM member decided to use sex as as an opportunity to preach or beg, well, that's their prerogative, but it is certainly not a group-condoned practice any longer.

As for tales of young people FFing in bars, again, that may have happened/be happening, but it is not sanctioned. Tell this to most any leader & the people in question will be given 6 months of partial excommunication & be required to take an AIDS test before & after this 6-month period.