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Re: Why I think Zerby did it at Berg's instigation

Posted by shades on June 22, 2005 at 16:21:25

In Reply to: Re: Why I think Zerby did it at Berg's instigation posted by JJF on June 22, 2005 at 15:10:10:

You correctly note that "...TFI members aren't going to believe that Rolling Stone's well-documented account of Zerby incesting her son is anything other than a Satanic attack on their faith and way of life..."

However, while that is going on, there will be another line of rationalization going on. Because The Family condone(d) an extreme degree of sexual license if done under the "Law of Love" (and OF COURSE Mama would never do something not in love), there will be the thinking that it's the evil world that considers it wrong, whereas "to the pure all things are pure."

So the reaction will likely be a mind bending mixture of some "it didn't happen" with a whole lot of "the world is looking askance at something they don't understand, and if the apostates had not shared their "strong delusion" with Ricky, he never would have been upset about the incident."