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Re: Don't miss more of Claire Borwicked's lies

Posted by Perry on June 27, 2005 at 14:35:05

In Reply to: Don't miss more of Claire Borwicked's lies posted by Reposter on June 24, 2005 at 00:28:54:

TF's official response to the RS article is so typical of how they operate. It is highly unlikely that anyone other than Claire and other leaders read the article. Regular members are given just a couple short excerpts and then are told to "feel free to write a protest letter right away ... and blitz Rolling Stone." They are instructed to "Call on the keys for wisdom in how to personally respond..."

The author of the article easily saw through this ploy, but sadly, those that did write letters cannot see how they are manipulated by their leaders. I highly doubt any of them even understands what it means to think independantly and critically, let alone actually think that way. Any one who criticizes and attacks an author's work without having read it first is a fool. What more evidence do you need of cultic behaviour than those SGA puppets being manipulated so easily by their puppet masters to dance to every little ditty they tell them to.