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need help on some research

Posted by Acheick on July 05, 2005 at 23:11:23

Does anyone remember about the time of the Last State letter sometime around 85 or 86 there was a huge purge going on, during the time of the victor camps, etc. There was a bunch of meetings in Japan with leadership, Berg, Maria, Keda, etc. and they were reorganizing everything, tightening up on everything. What were these meetings called? What was the reorganizing called? The tightening up revolution or something? I remember the open heart reports, that was at that time also. I remember Gary coming to our home because Berg sent him around to make sure everyone was voting on new shepherds. Supposedly (yeah, right) the little peons were going to have more of a say to their own destruction by being able to be honest on their open heart reports (which only gave more evidence to local shepherds). There was apparently a letter or edict that came out saying that if a mate wanted to leave for any reason, they could and if they wanted to move back, they could. But specifically stated that if even one mated wanted to separate, that was enough good reason.