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My theory

Posted by Singing Systemite on July 19, 2005 at 11:42:28

In Reply to: You don't like my song bashin' America? posted by Vas Sect T'Me on July 18, 2005 at 19:18:12:

Vas, I played the recording backward, and I found clues that you've written a coded song about life in The Family. How clever you are! You grow up in TFI and sing about a country I seriously doubt you've actually lived in--or if you have, only as a Family member, certainly not as a kid who went to the public or parochial schools or as an adult who goes to church, pays taxes and votes for a mayoral candidate who attends the same church.

How can people who haven't lived here talk about it like they know what the real problems are? What the hell does Vas and his family know about living on credit cards? I don't live on credit, and I own TWO cars that operate reliability. Vas and his family live on the "credit" of people's goodwill and donations, and he blogs about owning THREE cars that are broken down. Sorry, but I'm convinced Vas is unconsciously bashing the things he hates about life in The Family when he sings about delusion, vice, disease, godlessness, and poverty.