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Re: Music Without Meaning?

Posted by Jo on July 30, 2005 at 21:45:14

In Reply to: Music Without Meaning? posted by lu on July 30, 2005 at 19:52:49:

You asked:

"Were you still in the cult when they put in a new rule that you had to pray with the person before talking to anyone about anything at "Home"??"

I don't remember. When was that instituted? I am thinking I probably wasn't, but then, there was already so much control on what to talk about. You know, one of the cardinal rules: 'No vain babbling'.

I remember getting rebuked because I was so bored I was watching Old Westerns on TV dubbed in German. Now how desperate does a person need to be to do that just to have a sense of "entertainment"? (lol-- now that it is past)

Regarding Family music, I remember how the Family took "system songs" and twisted them to Family version. God I hated that copy catting crap.

I remember being at TSC one day when Adria hissed between her gaped teeth to everyone when someone let out a groan during excessive work saying: "If you don't like this then you won't like heaven because this is heaven on earth". I think that was one of the scariest concepts I ever heard.
I thought all the pain and garbage was supposed to be over with in heaven..