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Re: This sad, sad story is like a microcosm of TF

Posted by JoJo on July 31, 2005 at 00:34:03

In Reply to: Re: This sad, sad story is like a microcosm of TF posted by Acheick on July 29, 2005 at 00:32:19:

I may get rocked out here, but I do beg to differ. I've never heard or even thought that family members would ever concieve to do such a thing to their kids. Most of you are parents. Have you ever thought to do such a thing or have any such thing happen to your kids? I've got several kids and I would never allow any such thing to happen to them or allow anyone to manipulate them in such a fashion. OK, I'm sure someone will bring up the story of ME and Merry, but remember that is only one child out of literally thousands.

It's one thing to talk about control and a completely different thing to think about shooting little children. If children raised in the family were so stupid why do some many leave when they can make the choices for themselves. I have never seen any children of legal age stopped from leaving if that is what they wanted to do.

Sorry to not go along with ranting for ranting sake.