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Re: Zerby admits abuse inspired by Satan

Posted by JULIUS on August 13, 2005 at 08:22:16

In Reply to: Zerby admits abuse inspired by Satan posted by Oldtimer on August 12, 2005 at 23:31:49:

So, Satan was behind only MOST of the mistakes? WHo was behind the rest? The silly mistakes Another Jesus is talking about were not so silly! They were wicked, dirty, vile and filthy , criminal acts of abuse. Not only the children, but the teens, adult RTC's, and excorcisms. Who is saying this? WHo is giving this prophecy from Maria's house? Is it Carol Lloyd? Palestina? Is this the person Another Jesus speaks through to tell us MOST of the little mistakes were Satan? They minimize the evil by calling them mistakes. OOPS! another mistake, well, you know we all make mistakes and nobody's perfect now are we? That is Maria's present and past mentality, minimise the mistakes, and emphasize her Queenship and Peter's Kingship. Another Jesus, or whoever is posing as him, doesnt have very much spiritual depth to say something like that! I would not want to worship such a shallow, unconcerned God, a God who condemns the children who used to be in the group and calls them "enemies" Beware, Maria and Peter, lest the curses you prayed against these so called "enemies " come back upon you!