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Jim, something to post on Dr.Phil

Posted by Historian on October 23, 2005 at 20:37:51

The Family is not only guilty of sexually molesting their own children but of giving those same poor children an ‘education’ full of anti-Semitic hate literature. Berg said the Holocaust (where 6,000,000 Jewish people died) was a hoax made up by the Jews to get world sympathy. He cheered Hitler as a 'savior' sent by God to rid the world of the Jews. The following is typical of hundreds of pages of anti-Semitism that The Family’s children are exposed to. In his letter, ‘Current Events Jewels!’ David Berg said:

‘Poor Hitler, he tried to save the World from the Jews but they were so diabolically clever they persuaded both Capitalism & Communism to fight him & kill him! He was a martyr to the cause.’ ("Current Events Jewels!", 1256:50)

To see the entire shocking, pro-Hitler, anti-Semitic article compiled from The Family’s own teachings, go to:


Jim, make sure the URL posts correctly so it can be opened.