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Posted by Exer Out/Freedom In on October 27, 2005 at 23:49:10

In Reply to: A moral dilemma posted by John Concerned on October 27, 2005 at 23:01:10:

When was stress considered such a bad thing?

What about the emporer moth and all the stress of breaking out of a cocoon(cult)?

What's better brain-dead fanaticism or shock treatment that cures?

Check out the movie TIME MACHINE and see what could conceivably be the future for all the dreaming, hippy type-cultics who live on earth; Don't they become food and slaves for the monsters underground?

Didn't Berg promote shock treatment as a valid prescription?

If APOSTATES never had it so bad, then why is a little jail time for being in an international rackateering cult so bad?

Sure the kids suffer...this is the terrible, terrible irony and tragedy of the FAMILY and its hidden's the kids and the innocents that die and suffer...why don't the leadership do some jail time like any self-respecting criminal--they can come out in a few years and try again.

If VICTOR TRAINING wasn't so bad, what's the problem with a couple years of prison?